Linsey Dawn McKenzie Model


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When sexy Linsey Dawn McKenzie models for a shoot she obviously becomes the centre piece. She is seen here in what appears to be a lingerie or bed sheet ad. The room has spotted wall paper and lamp shades to mach and a big vase with flowers in it. The soft white bed she lies on has big soft pillows and all looks crumbled and warm. She lies on the bed with her brunette hair neatly combed and flowing on her. She has mascara and red lipstick that makes her pout sexy. A white sheer top has been pulled over her shoulder to expose her big boobs that look so beautiful in that angle. She has a hand on it and the areola and big nipples look suckingly inviting. Her right hand pulls her left leg to show her groin and the panty that she wears is sucked right in through her crack.

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